My friend Lauren recently let me in on a little secret called Linvilla Orchards. These well-maintained, beautiful orchards are located in Media, Pennsylvania, just outside of the city. They have different crops ripening throughout the summer and fall, so there’s always a new reason to stop by. To see a full list of of what’s in season when, check out the Pick Your Own guide on Linvilla’s website.

Anyway, Dan and I went for the first time this past weekend. Given that it involved being outdoors, quality food, and countless photo opps, I was in in heaven. We took a hayride out to the fields and spent hours picking the ripest fruit and veggies we could get our hand on. There’s so much in season right now! We left with blueberries, blackberries, kirby cucumbers, a variety of peppers, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, and the best tomatoes I’ve ever had. When we returned to the main area to pay for our produce, I noticed a stunning field of zinnias. I then saw a sign informing that I could hand-cut a 15-stem bouquet for five bucks. Sold.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the peach orchards, but all varieties of peaches − yellow, white, and donut – are in their prime right now. We also didn’t get to check out their garden center or farm market, as they were closed by the time we returned from the fields. In other words, there simply isn’t enough time to see everything Linvilla has to offer in one day and it is certainly a place worth revisiting. I can’t wait to head back in the fall to pick apples and pumpkins!

Of course, I have tons of ideas as to how I’ll put my freshly-picked produce to use. Conveniently enough, Wednesday marks the beginning of a week-long staycation with my mom and brother, who happen to love food as much as I do. I have no doubt that they’ll be more than happy to reap the benefits. Stay tuned!